How do you build your email list?

Getting more and more people interested in your work is key to anyone’s success. Therefore, artists should be constantly expanding and updating their mailing lists. And email lists are more critical than ever.

Today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter shows you how to collect more email addresses (sincerely and legally!). But I want to know how you’re building your email list. Just click on Comments below and share.

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1 comment to How do you build your email list?

  • This is very timely for me. I just set up an email list this past week. I should have done it ages ago, especially since I collected a pretty nice mailing list at my shows last year. I let the list lanquish in a filing cabinet because I couldn’t afford to print and mail postcards. What I did to build the list was just put out an attractive sign up sheet at my open studio, and at my solo show, and I collected about 6 or 8 pages of addresses! I’m also working on building my website, and it will have an easy sign up. Now the hard part, writing interesting newsletters. Thanks!