Art Sisters

At my workshop in Wilmington last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie DeBrocky. Leslie introduced me to Art Sisters, an organization she helped co-found.
I’m always saying to find support throughout your career. No one can do it alone. You always need people. (This is why I started the free art-marketing salons at Anyway, Art Sisters formed when women artists got together to help each other out with their busy lives. They realized how hard it was to juggle home, family, and career and created this group to help each other out.

Sure, they might get together to talk about their art, hang a group show, or brainstorm. But they’re also pitching in to helpwith errands and looking after each others’ homes while on vacation.

Art Sisters has closed their membership (they didn’t want to become unmanageable) and have a waiting list.

Why don’t you form one in your own community? Or maybe an Art Brothers or Art Friends? (If you want to use the name, I suggest contacting them.)

Image: Leslie DeBrocky, Mandalay Kiss. Drawing, 2006. (c) The Artist.

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