Goings On-Audio Now Available

I’ve been quieter than usual this week. There’s so much going on! We had more than 70 people attend the teleseminar on creating a website that sells with Clint Watson. And now it’s available as an audio file for those who couldn’t attend. Sixty minutes of instruction plus seven pages of handouts for just $14.95.

I’ve also been working on a new membership for the ArtBizCoach.com community that I plan on launching in the New Year. Stay tuned!

AND, we’re making big changes to the ArtBizCoach.com website. I had hoped to have them up by Monday, but that is more than unrealistic. The site has gotten so large that even a change in color is a major undertaking. I’m planning on streamlining and making it easier for you to find stuff.

All good. Stay tuned!

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