It Pays to Keep Your Name in Front of People

The reason I counsel artists to publish a newsletter and do 3-4 regular mailings a year isn’t to empty your pocketbooks. It’s because it really pays off.

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At my recent art marketing workshop in Salida, I noticed that Carla Sonheim was on the list of attendees. I was excited and just knew she had been a client. So, I went back to the hotel the night before the workshop and looked up Carla in my database. No, she hadn’t purchased anything from me or participated in my classes. How, then, did I know her name?

As it turns out, Carla (who set me straight the next day), had been leaving comments on my blog. Not only that, she had sent me the most darling catalog of her work last year. It was just photocopied in black and white, but it was clever enough that I had it in my notebook of sample artist marketing material–AT the workshop. Coincidence? I think not! Carla had cleverly put her name in front of me for over a year. Never mind that I didn’t know her work. She had created an air of familiarity and I was excited to meet her and see more of her work in person.

Image: Check out Carla Sonheim’s Christmas cards on Etsy.

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  • Brenda Boylan

    I read your last ArtBiz newsletter and was prompted to share with you my Artist’s Statement. I had a difficult childhood, but in my statement, I left just enough to get an inside view as to where I am coming from. Tell me what you think…. Artist’s Statement As a child, my home was unsettling and chaotic. Being raised by a mother whose life was ruled by schizophrenia and dementia, I desired security, stability, sense, and at times I was the parent. My respite was my art. From this I painted representational subjects, things that I could relate to, recognize at first glance, understand and feel comfortable with. Over time, water became my muse. To the average viewer it may be just a pond or a lake, but look deeper into the element. It suspends us, calms us, and soothes us. Water that is calm and still propels one to contemplate the senses. Reflection and depth are my metaphor. With its’ surface as my veil, protecting the deeper self, sometimes suspending a small leaf and cared for, it offers occasional highlights from it’s surrounding environment. The sky falls on it’s surface, becoming the color of my work and often reflecting unclouded heavens. Within the shadows a glimpse of the depth is suggested, possibly even a shy hint of the bed, but never telling. § My work is created with soft pastel on sandpaper. A medium that is dry and dusty, incongruous of any wet surface I paint. Most of my pastels are rolled by hand creating unique and sometimes irreplaceable colors, although I do use manufactured pastels on occasion. The painting surface is Archival grade Wallis Museum sanded paper that holds the pigment well and sometimes gives my work the appearance of an oil painting. Comments welcome….. Brenda Boylan

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