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I received this press release that I thought might be helpful for those of you struggling with Photoshop. I have not used the product, so I can’t endorse it, but I pass it on in case it’s of help.

First of Kind Photoshop® Guide Targets Artists and Painters

Sherry Hutson, author and artist, has written The Painter’s Guide to Photoshop®, an eBook on CD now available at MatanzaMedia.

The guide introduces new users to Adobe® Photoshop®, and includes techniques specifically written for artists. “Most books about using Photoshop are generic how-to books,” says Hutson, “but The Painter’s Guide to Photoshop expressly serves painters and other artists who want to use photographs as painting guides or create documents to promote their artwork.”

No one else has offered anything like this before — a hands-on guide that is directly targeted toward the unique needs and concerns of artists and painters working in any medium.

The Painter’s Guide to Photoshop features step-by-step instructions for making color adjustments, and for cropping, sizing, and editing images. Also included are specific instructions for creating art cards, flyers, catalogs and web image galleries. The eBook also covers the creation of original digital art, the advantage of Photoshop over other image editing software, and details about purchasing and installing Photoshop.

Oil and pastel painter William Abler wrote in his recent review of the guide: “Rather than getting bogged down in complicated technical jargon and procedures, artists (both students and professionals alike) can quickly discover exciting, powerful and creative new ways to enrich and refine their work.  The guide’s content is presented in user-friendly chunks, with text supported by clear, helpful graphics.”

In addition to the eBook, the CD includes hundreds of royalty-free photographs which painters can use for studies or finished paintings. Stunning landscapes, still lifes, floral and other subject matter, captured by professional photographers, are available as high resolution images.

“Within the past couple of years,” Hutson said, “I returned to painting after many years pursuing a technical career. I immediately realized how Photoshop could assist me as an artist.” Recognizing the benefit to other painters, Hutson developed The Painter’s Guide to Photoshop.

The CD containing the eBook and hundreds of ready-to-use photographs can be purchased for $60 at MatanzaMedia.  The website features The Painter’s Place, an online discussion board available to users who have purchased the CD. “I know many painters want to learn to use Photoshop, but they fear the steep learning curve,” Hutson explained. “They’ll find the book very easy to understand, and the discussion board gives them a chance to ask questions and discuss techniques directly with me and other painters.”

For more information about The Painter’s Guide to Photoshop, visit MatanzaMedia. The website contains details about the author, the eBook and CD, secure online ordering, and the discussion board.


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  • Hi Alyson, A friend forwarded this blog entry to me, and I just wanted to point out that my PhotoShop School for Artists ebooks on CD have been published and shipping for more than 2 years, and so Sherry’s press release is very much mistaken about her publication being the first of its kind. I did email her directly regarding this, but wanted to let you know as well. PhotoShop is a fabulous tool for artists in all media and hopefully there will be more attention paid to this huge audience. I certainly intend to continue with my CD series and the Digital Art magazine for artists that I publish monthly. I’m sure that Sherry’s book will be well received. However, I am not willing to relinquish my position as the first to recognize this need and move to fill it. Sincerely, Jessica Wesolek