Todd, Jasper, and Building Relationships

ToddsworkMetalsmith Todd Tychewicz was at Saturday’s workshop in Salida. He does fabulous work and his having great fun making bugs like this one. He doesn’t have a fancy name for them or honor their precious metals and stones. He just calls them bugs.

Todd is perhaps my only groupie. He has never been to my website, but has now been to three of my presentations. He’s always smiling and genuinely happy to talk to everyone in the room. While he freely admits to being slightly lazy about his marketing, he’s got to be a master at building relationships. People just like to be around him.

ToddtychHere’s a picture of Todd on his bike with cat Jasper. As a fellow cat-lover, I couldn’t resist. I don’t know any other cats that would stand for a bike ride. (Todd says they’ve ridden as far as 6 miles together!)

Image top: Todd Tychewicz, Bug. (c) The Artist.

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2 comments to Todd, Jasper, and Building Relationships

  • yeah my bio pics have me hiking and at the outlook and even practising kung fu! But cindy’s pics are all very elusive.

  • Todd’s my hero! I love your description of him as an energetic, happy guy, and then I got a full 2 minute belly laugh from the picture of Todd and Jasper. All hail things that make me laugh! I’m still laughing! And, his art is cool too.