50 Works of Art to See Before You Die

This seems to be the week of lists, so we’ll just go with it. (Top 10 Films about Artists)

Beverly Solomon sent me a link to the Art News Blog that let me to “The Works of Art that Matter Most: 50 Works of Art to See Before You Die” by Jonathan Jones of The Guardian. He started with 20 and then has asked for input. Harmony_in_red

I agree enthusiastically with the Rothko Chapel. I’d replace Matisse’s "The Dance" with "Harmony in Red." I’d add Brancusi’s "Bird in Space," John Singer Sargent’s "Madame X," Rodin’s "The Gates of Hell," and any of Ellsworth Kelly’s or Agnes Martin’s paintings.

Also on my list: Giotto’s St. Francis frescoes at Assisi and Donatello’s "David." (I second Boticellis’ "Birth of Venus" mentioned previously.)

I’m slightly disturbed by the dearth of women artists on my list and the complete absence on the other lists. Is anyone else? What about more non-Western art? (Read the comments and you’ll find other suggestions.)

Image: Henri Matisse, Harmony in Red. Collection of The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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1 comment to 50 Works of Art to See Before You Die

  • When was Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus exhibited in The Hermitage? I’m positive we saw it there 2007,8, or 9. My wife thinks it was Rome (Vatican?). I believe it is in the Uffizi (Florence) now.