The 2nd Biggest Mistake

Continuing the countdown what I believe to be the Top 5 Mistakes Artists Make in Their Businesses.

In at #2 . . .

The 2nd biggest mistake artists make is presenting themselves in an unprofessional manner.

You need to show you care about visual presentation. If your marketing materials and website are sloppy or sub-par, why shouldn’t one assume that your work is also below average? Written materials and websites need a makeover that reflect the direction you’re going (see Mistake #5). Coherent written materials and excellent verbal skills go a long way when trying to sell your art. Pay special attention to photo reproductions of your work since they must stand in for the originals.

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1 comment to The 2nd Biggest Mistake

  • Hairy Carrion

    Agree with this 100 Percent!! It’s all about the packaging. This is the most common oversight of small and large businesses a like. Treating collateral like a commodity or necessary evil. It’s not evil, it’s about those first impressions, like it or not. Design doesn’t have to be over the top. Just clean and supportive of your text and photos. Your message must be top notch however and communicate CLEARLY. Can’t tell you how many artists don’t get this and use the excuse of being an artist to alienate their potential clientele. Art speak and over the top design tricks can be poison to your marketing. The exception to this rule is blogging. There’s a lot forgiven in the realm of blogs. However, it’s good to remember that people who don’t know you will be reading and viewing your blog. So think about how you want to be perceived and then blog away.