The 3rd Biggest Mistake

Continuing the countdown what I believe to be the Top 5 Mistakes Artists Make in Their Businesses.

In at #3 . . .

The 3rd biggest mistake artists make is thinking there is a fairy godmother (an agent) who will sell all their work for them and make them a star-and waiting for him/her to come along.

Get real! That’s not how the world works! It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, and consistency to be successful.

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1 comment to The 3rd Biggest Mistake

  • Oooh… hard work. Yuk. I don’t think it’s “hard work,” but rather persistent and consistent work. The thing that makes marketing and advertising effective. After all, you have to let people know you are there, consistently, over time, until the message you are communicating (in this case visually communicating) reaches someone who wants what is is your are selling. And really, that’s not “hard” it’s merely a committment, yes?