THE Biggest Mistake

You’ve been waiting for it all week. Drumroll, please.

As I see it, The Biggest Mistake Artists Make in Their Businesses is . . . Neglecting their mailing lists.

You need to learn to be comfortable socializing and meeting more people. You ought to be adding to your mailing list constantly. More importantly, get a good database and use your mailing list often! A good, qualified mailing list is your #1 asset.

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6 comments to THE Biggest Mistake

  • Alyson, do you have any suggestions for a database suitable for an individual artist’s needs?

  • My mailing list is my biggest shortcoming! Thank you for posting these, Alyson, they’re good reminders to “shape up” in the coming year.

  • Mary Richmond

    As a result of this posting and your organizing class I have updated my mailing list and made it really easy to update weekly from now on. Yay!

  • As always Alyson, right on the mark. It’s so easy to collect emails/info from either online visitors to one’s website or people visiting one’s many shows and so very valuable. Best wishes, Liron

  • One of the things I do is, to send handwritten illustrated mail to my top ten collectors. I just let them know what my art life is like and I let them know that I have work available for purchase. This works. I am a good day laborer in the art universe. So far so good . My letters are suitable for framing. In this day and age of email, the personal touch is always needed. Sincerely, Bob Ragland

  • Kazumi

    Thanks for your post! Bob’s idea is great. I was just wondering what am I supposed to do with my mailing list. Let me know the link(s). Thanks.