Top 5 Mistakes Artists Make (Countdown to Christmas)

It happens all too frequently. Artists with all the creative talent in the world and absolutely no idea how to make a business out of it. After working with artists for fifteen years, I see a pattern of mistakes they make while trying to make a living off their talent. Certainly, most artists only hit one or two of these five, but even a single misstep can be costly.

Over the next days, I will count down what I believe to be the Top 5 Mistakes Artists Make in Their Businesses. Ready? Here goes.

In at #5 . . .

The 5th biggest mistake artists make is not knowing where they want to go with their career.

Artists, like all people in business for themselves, need to learn to set goals and figure out a path to reach them. Is it more important that your work is in a museum or that you make $50,000 a year? Only you can decide what success means to you, but you must decide. Otherwise,  how will you know if you’ve achieved it?

(Much more on goals coming up with the New Year.)

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1 comment to Top 5 Mistakes Artists Make (Countdown to Christmas)

  • Cath Bennett

    Thank you. I see how often I’ve been way too vague and when I’ve been very specific things have happened. Changes coming in the new year!