A Lesson in Setting Art Goals

LisacallArtist Lisa Call, who was my guest expert for the Blogging teleseminar, has posted a good lesson in setting goals on her blog.

Read how Lisa did on her 2006 art goals and what she plans to accomplish in 2007.

Image: Lisa Call, Structures #44, 2005. Quilt, 28 x 28 inches. (c) The Artist.

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3 comments to A Lesson in Setting Art Goals

  • Thanks for the link Alyson! It was taking your art marketing salons in person a few years back and inspired me to write down my art goals and be more organized. So thank you! I think it definitely helps to write down clear specific measurable goals. If you don’t know what you want to achieve it’s hard to know what to work on to move forward.

  • This link to Lisa Call’s Goals for 06 and 07 is awesome! Reading her’s has really inspired me and shown me what types of things I need to be doing! thanks alyson!

  • Thank you for this example. Lisa good job on your goals as well. Feel free to check out my most recent goals inspired by this blog post. I think I might also create a post about goal setting tips (SMART goals). Thanks again for all the advice!