Book Sale!

Once again I have leftover inventory from a workshop and I’m offering a DISCOUNT off the hard copies of my books.Ccspiralsm

I only have 6 copies of each! FREE SHIPPING!

CULTIVATING COLLECTORS is usually $39.95 for the print version.
Click here for the $5/off coupon for Cultivating Collectors.

THE VISUAL ARTIST’S KIT is usally $26.95 for the print version.Vakspiral_1
Click here for the $4/off coupon for the hard copy of the Visual Artist’s Kit.

Also, for a limited time (6 copies!), I will send a hard copy for just $5 more to anyone who orders THE RELATIVELY PAIN-FREE ARTIST STATEMENT. It sells as an e-version online for $24.95 and I don’t usually sell print versions.
Click here to get The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement in print format for just $29.95.Statementsm

If you’re interested in one copy of each, email me and I’ll send you a different coupon for even more savings!

NOTE: I WON’T BE ABLE TO MAIL THESE UNTIL AFTER JANUARY 29. But you will have access to the e-versions before then.

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  • Hey Alyson! So great to hear you too on the smARTist telesummit call! You have such a wealth of info and great advice! Looking forward to hearing your talk next week! xxxox claudine