Know Thy Letter Recipient

I was sent an email today offering me an opportunity to become an affiliate to sell an artist marketing course. There were so many things wrong with this letter I can’t begin to point them out, but I’ll try:

1) It wasn’t personalized. No “Dear Alyson” or any indication that he knew anything about me or my website. He was trying to get me into buying into a product that I already offer artists!

2) It was sent from an email with a different name from the person who said “hello, my name is . . . “

3) It didn’t contain a real address or a way to opt out of receiving his solicitations (anti-spam laws).

I guess what bothered me the most is #1 and that it was so impersonal.

I thought: This guy is trying to teach artists how to market themselves and he can’t even market himself well.

There’s a lesson in there for all to learn.

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