Are flowers a favorite subject for your art?

I just read on Joan Stewart’s Publicity Hound Blog that Flowers magazine premiers March 15. According to Joan, there will be a section titled "Artist in Bloom: Profiles of established and up-and-coming artists and floral designers."

Look for it!

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4 comments to Are flowers a favorite subject for your art?

  • I think it’s a perennial favourite isn’t it? (That’s a flower joke!) I know I get an awful lot of hits to my blog and website looking for flower drawings. The Blogger label for botanical art is also collecting a lot of hits. And I know I always take a long hard look at other people’s work every time I come across a site with any florals. It’s always so interesting to see how different people tackle the same subject. It gets so it sometimes feels a bit like we’re all part of a small club!

  • I always paint flowers and I think that is my main subject matter. Not only because a lot of people love flower art but because it runs in my interest. Thanks, Jude Maceren artist My Art Blog: My Main Art Website:

  • The majority of my brushworks are delicate sumi-e style florals. Thanks for the lead on the new Flowers magazine. I’ll be sure to watch for it.

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