Podcast: Strengthen Your Brand

This week’s podcast is an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter. Listen to "Strengthen Your Brand":



(All Art Marketing Action podcasts are also available for free subscription at iTunes.)

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2 comments to Podcast: Strengthen Your Brand

  • love this new audio format! the part about other artists being my competition is so useful for me to remember…I recently got accepted into a new gallery (yay) & offered a low suggested retail price…I have been re-thinking this decision ever since…but what it did is make my work stand out from all the other artists as being the most reasonably priced…(and the competition is strong)…when you mentioned that as an aside, it reinforced my decision to offer a first time low price…(the almost year in between galleries, I have been watching the EBay market sell some not too bad pieces for cheapo pricepoints…-big lesson in humblepie…)anyway thanks again…and your voice is so well suited to this- my husband fell asleep- after saying ‘is that that Alyson lady in Denver?’ (he’s also a fulltime painter)…

  • Yep great new format I agree! (especially with my new speakers, I can actually hear you) Thanks for the kick in the pants.