Why Margret Short’s art blog is successful


This week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter uses Margret Short’s blog as an example of a well-focused blog. Margret is succeeding with her blog for a number of reasons:

  • It has a purpose. She keeps a folder of stuff she can write about that relate to her project. And she gives a brief overview of her project in the left column.
  • She used her extensive mailing list to get her first subscribers.
  • She updates her subscribers using Constant Contact every month.
  • She’s letting people in on the secrets she’s discovering. People love secrets and obscure facts! From her recent entry on green: “If jars glazed with celadon had a clear pleasing tone when struck, people would consider the jars as homes of gods.” Who knew? And from an earlier entry, who knew that epidot, a pigment from Russia and Austria, is unpleasantly gooey and that it “must be used immediately after making it or it turns gummy and not brushable at all.

Visit Margret’s blog.

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3 comments to Why Margret Short’s art blog is successful

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