All artists should be aware of PRONK

In Margret Short‘s research of still-life painting, she came upon the Dutch word PRONK. Although sounding far too much like "prank" or "honk" to be music to my ear, the word has a special meaning that might come in handy. Does it apply to your work? (Read her guest comment as well.)

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2 comments to All artists should be aware of PRONK

  • Great word. Margaret’s post regarding it is very informative. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Margret Short

    Alyson, Your amusing “pronk” associations, prank and honk, made me chuckle. Over the past many months of posting topics on my blog, “pronk” generated the most comments from readers. It is an odd sounding word to us, but in its entirety is “pronkstilleven” which means “sumptuous Dutch still life.” An irresistible word for a blogger/painter like me. Margret