Podcast: Spice Up Your Bio

Listen in on this week’s podcast–an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter–"Spice Up Your Bio":


The audio recording of the week for Art Marketing Action Inner Circle members shares 4 specific examples of juicier language for your bio. You can get this extra audio recording, a premium newsletter, one-on-one coaching days (the next one is April 24), and discounts when you join the Inner Circle. Right now, it’s only $10 for the first two months of your subscription. Learn more about the Inner Circle.

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3 comments to Podcast: Spice Up Your Bio

  • Astrid Mueller

    hi! what a great tip, alyson, thanks! it inspired me to rethink my own bio on my website, and.. instead of just changing the text, i ended up totally updating my website yesterday, lol. dear alyson, artist, or whoever reads this: do you think my bio/artist info is interesting enough now? i basically took out all my school info etc., and changed most of it to the “what’s in it for me” content for the potential customers. read here feedback welcome! greetings, astrid -PotatoMammaDesign.com

  • Astrid – thank you for sharing your link … but when I tried to check it out, I couldn’t find your bio – I am sure I just wasn’t looking hard enough – but I would like to ready it. Thank you, ~ Diane Clancy ps I need to rewrite mine so I want to read good examples!

  • Thanks for this podcast, Alyson… crafting a nice bio/statement to accompany my work has been one of my biggest “frogs” for the past 5 years! I am finally starting an artist’s journal (just 7-15 minutes in the morning!) to help me craft more language for all my marketing (online and off). Two of my favorite artist bio/statements are Becca Van Fleet’s (http://www.beccavanfleetpottery.com/statement.html) and Jane Kaufmann’s (http://www.janekaufmann.com/).