Pick up art history online

If you’ve never taken art history classes, you’re in luck. There’s tons of art history online. And now, more and more video.

I’m slightly troubled by artists who don’t take the time to study art history. It’s a tradition you should be proud to be a part of and want to know more about.

You can even learn a lot by listening to today’s foremost artists.

I received this link to a videocast from LX.TV, a nifty video blog. It’s an interview with Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Enjoy!

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3 comments to Pick up art history online

  • Thank you for this very interesting interview. Also, I hadn’t heard of lx.tv before. The quality of these videos is far superior to anything on youtube!

  • Olof I. Davidsdottir

    This interview was sheer delight! I don’t think I’ve ever remembered as many phrases before. This one tops them all: “Artists don’t retire. They die. When they stop creating they die”. Another good one: “We create for ourselves. If people like it, it’s a bonus.”

  • Nicholas Forrest

    An extremely worth while interview, very enlightening. Thanks for sharing!! http://www.artmarketblog.com