Podcast: Evaluate your business cards

Listen in on this week’s podcast—an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter—”Evaluate Your Business Cards”:

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4 comments to Podcast: Evaluate your business cards

  • Thanks for the mention, Alyson! Quite a few people came by to take a look. John

  • I have a comment question. I use postcards as my business card… i put a great image on them and i find that people keep them, put them on their fridge or desk for when they want me to do a piece for them. It seems like business cards are easier to lose amongst all the others. Are there any thots or experiences about that out there?

  • Kristen- yes…I found those courage be brave will power silicone bracelets at auction for a great price- either I put a business card into the little plastic bag with the bracelet or I stick a website address label on the outside, or both & give those…collectors love getting a gift, love these bracelet things, & I think I get remembered better…(they say words like ‘Hope’ …) (also great if your cat plays fetch- or your foxes)…