Some handsome artist business cards

I have way more business cards from artists than I can keep up with. At my Art Marketing Action workshops, I have notebooks out with all kinds of printed samples from artists. It’s always a big hit to see what other artists are doing.

With permission, I share these with you today.

from Laura K. Aiken and Simple Mosaics:


from Ann Cunningham, who calls herself a "tactile artist" and creates works meant to be touched and experienced by the visually impaired (as well as the rest of us), a card with Braille (barely visible as dots under her name):

from photographer Jim Digby, who prints his cards on a beautiful watercolor paper:


from painter Daniel Bahn, a former graphic designer who has done a bang-up job with his marketing material (I have found that very few fine artists can do good visual design):

And from Laurie McCarriar and Gingerprint (Laurie also has a strong design background and has designed her own cards):

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