One-on-one artist consultations

Today I held my one-on-one coaching sessions with artists in my Art Marketing Action Inner Circle. Members call in with their brief questions and I help as much as I can in ten minutes.

Gay Pogue wanted to talk about her blog and the direction it’s going.

Thomas Robert Frederick called to discuss pricing and sizing his photographs.Fg6z4051_orchid3

Casey Klahn inquired about his resume and connecting with galleries that might show his work.

Patty Sgrecci and I went over capturing email addresses on her Web site and (!) Christmas cards.

Others who called in had everything on their minds from watercolor prices (Ann Bell) to showing at alternative venues.

This quick consulting sessions are one of my favorite benefits of my Inner Circle membership.  Where else can you get this help fast?

Image (c) Thomas Robert Frederick, Intimate with Orchids.

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