Portraits, portraits everywhere

The June issue of ARTnews has "The New Portrait" on the cover. The subheading for the article by Pernilla Holmes reads: "Portraiture has become increasingly conceptual as it addresses not only personal identity but also issues of politics, social inequity, and our obsession with celebrity." You ought to read it if you thought you knew portraiture.

Speaking of portraits, Rhea Giffin sent me a link to this lovely video on YouTube entitled "Women in Art":

I think I recognized two paintings by women (Cassatt and Morisot) in the video, but otherwise, all men. All white women in the paintings. Maybe someone will do a "Women Portraits by Women Artists" video.

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2 comments to Portraits, portraits everywhere

  • Absolutely enchanting! Be sure to activate your speakers—the music only enhances the experience.

  • Indeed, this video has been making the rounds on the web recently and I too immediately noticed the lack of diversity in its female subjects. This is precisely why portraiture is such an exciting topic! The history of portraiture is in many ways a portrait of societal structures and hierarchies. Not just pretty pictures, a lot of food for thought in this video!