Promote Your Art This Summer

The online class Promote Your Art with Confidence begins tomorrow.

Why postpone the inevitable? You have to learn this stuff sometime. Might as well enjoy the leisurely pace of this summer-long class–all conducted in blog format.

Recent class graduate Michelle LaRae writes:

Tuscanycafe2I can definitely see the benefits from the “Promote Your Art with Confidence” class.  My website has been updated (I still want to make some more revisions), I have 2 blogs, and I’m focused on building my mailing list, presenting myself as a professional business, and having branded promotional materials.

The most important thing is the benefits that I can quantify:

  • My website traffic has increased significantly.
  • I now show up in the top spots on a Google search.
  • I recently had a sale due to organizing my mailing list (thanks to your Get Organized class) and sending out my new monthly newsletter.

If you want some of the same results–or even results in other areas–see all of the class details for Promote Your Art with Confidence.

Image (c) Michelle LaRae, Tuscany Café.

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