Standard art gallery agreements

Ron Grauer asks:

Is there a standard form for an artist/gallery agreement?…Or even a composite group of choices for such an agreement?

Artists Equity used to offer such an animal but that was long ago. I’ve tried a few of my own but never have had one signed. Surely I’m not the only artist in the world who would like to level the playing field between the two opposing fields of endeavor.

No, there is no such thing as a "standard" form. Each gallery will have its own preferences. However, there are two resources I recommend as far as the artist-gallery agreement (sometimes called a consignment contract) is concerned.

1) The Professional Guidelines from the Society of North American Goldsmiths (FREE!) has the GUIDE TO A MODEL CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT. In fact, the author of those guidelines is going to be my guest for a July 10 complimentary teleseminar on how to document your art.

2) The Legal Guide for the Visual Artist by Tad Crawford. This book should be on every artists’ shelf.

Image (c) Ron Grauer, Asilomar, Boy with Pink Shirt.

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