“Red Hot Internet Publicity”

Today I attended “Red Hot Internet Publicity,” a workshop with Penny C. Sansevieri sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (from her book with the same name). Penny is an expert in book marketing, but, in truth, she could have been discussing marketing almost anything online. It was comforting to know I’m doing everything mostly right and putting all of the elements in place for marketing my book.

Penny stressed the importance of blogs and what they can do for you and of getting Web sites just right for sales online. She said, in effect, that the top two things that can turn people off on a Web site are (1) an out-of-date events calendar, and (2) an outdated copyright–not for your art or book, but for the copyright of your site itself. It looks bad when people go to your home page and it says your site is copyrighted two years ago.

The author’s site will differ from those who are selling art. Authors are there to sell lots of books. And, while artists are often online to sell lots of art, art just looks tacky next to numerous lines filled with sales pitches.

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