Where you’ll use your stories

In this week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I encouraged you to work on the stories about you and your art. Sometimes art will sell itself, but often a few extra words from you will help close the sale. You’ll use stories:

  • On your Web site
  • On your blog
  • In brochures
  • In your bio
  • In your artist statement (sometimes, and . . . gingerly)
  • In gallery talks, lectures, and teaching
  • In press releases
  • In interviews
  • In casual conversation

Given all of those situations, don’t you think your stories are worth your attention?

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2 comments to Where you’ll use your stories

  • Joe

    I’m in a 2-person show this September and the other person in the show convinced me to do an artist’s talk with her during the show. It’s a first for me and I’m really struggling to think of what I’ll talk about. But just thinking of it as story telling gives me a start. Thanks!

  • Dear Alyson, I started a new blog full of stories about cooking, traveling, and my life as an artist in the South. I find it to be really fun and a journal of sorts. Here it is: http://www.lindablondheimartnotes.blogspot.com I really enjoy your blog Alyson. The brilliant box is great.