Assessing your art venues

When you decide to show your artwork in one space, you are often deciding against another space. Or deciding to devote your energy to one exhibit over another.

But here are some other things to think about–things that are specific to the physical aspects of the space.

  • Is the space clean? (Check out the sidewalks, windows, the back room, and the bathroom.)
  • Is it well lighted with appropriate (e.g. non-fluorescent) bulbs?
  • Is the signage tasteful, intelligent, and readable?
  • Do the staff members appear professional in their knowledge, dress, and demeanor?
  • Do any colors or patterns of the decor clash with the art? Notice walls, ceilings, floors, and signage.
  • Did anyone greet you when you entered?
  • Is it climate controlled?
  • How are the frames, pedestals, and other installation devices?

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