Free e-book for the businesss of creativity

About two months ago I received a delightful package in the mail–delightful because it’s always nice to get packages, especially unexpected packages from strangers overseas or those containing books or art.

The package was the book T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity and was sent by David Parrish, the British author, consultant, and entrepreneur. 

Well, David’s book is now available as a free downloadable eBook. This highly-acclaimed guide for arts and creative entrepreneurs was published in 2005, reprinted in 2006 and is still available in paperback as well as eBook format.

It’s the full version of the book, with lots of color, yet it has been compressed into a file of less than 2MB–small enough to email as an attachment.

My favorite thing about this book is . . . Great design! Why in the world do so many books written for artists not have attractive covers or interiors? (I am counting on my book I’d Rather Be in the Studio! to break the mold as well.) David’s book has an attractive cover and interior. It’s visually interesting!

Some artists may find the book too focused on creative industries, which is David’s specialty. But you’ll be rewarded if you’re willing to explore ideas out of the fine-art world and how crossover might be possible.

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