Photography in Denver next March?

I received this announcement recently from Rachel Hawthorn. I don’t usually post local events from anywhere, but that’s the beauty of owning a blog. I can be partial to my home territory!

— Free Publicity for Photographers–

I am working with Mark Sink to market a "Month of Photography" in March 2008 to coincide with the Society for Photographic Education national conference that is happening at the Adam’s Mark hotel March 13th-16th. We want to get a critical mass of photography happening in the Denver metro area, and the outer reaches as well, so to that end we’ve published a blog that not only lists events, but also calls for entry for the month of photography. Hopefully, after the event, the blog can continue to be a go-to source for photo-based events in Denver.

The blog is at The publicity is free, and events that are listed in the blog before the middle of September (hard deadline first of October) will also be distributed in the conference packets to the roughly 900 attendees. What we are looking for in terms of submissions are: Dates/locations/gallery name/sample image/show name/brief blurb about the work/contact information – the usual suspects for a press release. That info can be sent to me at

If you’re in the Denver metro area and were considering organizing a  photo exhibit, now sounds like a good time.

Image (c) Rachel Hawthorn, Hand II.

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