The really big Web site makeover

Is your Web site a fright? Or is it not the ticket to fame you had hoped it would be?

guru Patricia Velte and I help ten lucky people (while they are helping
each other) redo their Web sites.

5 days only beginning Monday, August

Read about it.

Only 5 spots left.

(Update: links fixed.)

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2 comments to The really big Web site makeover

  • Mary Richmond

    Hi Alyson–when I hit the link above I just get info about a teleseminar on MP3–not that that wouldn’t be great in itself, but what’s the story with the makeover? I might sign on….

  • Mary Richmond

    thanks for the link fix–sounds great! And the timing doesn’t work for me. (wish it were a week or so later!) so I’ll watch for the next one.