Artist blogs to fall in love with

If you want to write a better blog, deconstruct one that you like. That’s what today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter is about. I give you a list to help you figure out what makes a blog successful. (Incidentally, it will also be posted here in Wednesday’s podcast.)

For those who haven’t yet found an artist’s blog to fall in love with, here are some worthy of your attention.

David Castle
Tammy Vitale
Daniel Sroka
Deb Trotter
Sherrie York
Carla Sanders
Cynthia Guajardo
Lisa Call
Deanna Wood
Casey Klahn
Kesha Bruce
Paula McCullough

There are many, many more. I’d love for you to leave your favorite artists’ blogs in the comments below. (If you use http:// in front of the URLs, they’ll be clickable in your comment and we sure would appreciate that.)

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