Artist’s virtual reception

The cool thing about the Internet is that we can connect with people and experience things even when we can’t be there in person.

Artist Brenda Marks is having a virtual reception to coincide with her real opening reception tonight. She’s giving away a free print to those who stop in and comment on today’s post on her Making Marks blog.

Image (c) Brenda Marks, Transitions 4.

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9 comments to Artist’s virtual reception

  • Thanks for calling attention to Brenda’s virtual reception and drawing. I simply had to share it on my author blog, where I often host authors during their virtual blog tours.

  • Melissa Roberts

    What a great idea! I just went over to Brenda’s site and wanted to say thanks mucho for sharing this with us. I have my first opening tonight and love that I now know how to add another dimension to sharing my work with others who won’t be here in New Orleans tonight. Best regards from a big fan, ~ melissa

  • Mary Emma: Thanks for the mention. I hope your readers are inspired. Melissa: Sounds like you are inspired. We’d love to hear how your opening goes.

  • Not only did I visit Brenda, I got a print! Now that’s quick and positive feedback for supporting another artist! Brenda and I found each other through you, Alyson. Thanks!

  • Virtual reception, what a great idea! I’m having my first Exhibition Sept 17-Nov 1. I may try this approach. Thanks Alyson, I’ve learned so much from you. Nicki

  • Melissa Roberts

    Hi Alyson, Inspired? That would be a BIG yes! Thanks again to both you and Brenda Marks. My opening went very well and the exhibit as a whole was spot on. Respected jurors and great gallery owners and staff are priceless. I’ve posted the opening night info. containing a link to where you can view the entire exhibit online at I think the gallery’s decision to have a virtual exhibit is a great idea and mutually beneficial to all involved. I haven’t seen many galleries take this step but I hope more do in the future. Best regards, ~ melisssa

  • ArtWorks: Exhibit, Virtual Reception and FreeNotecards

    Inspired by Brenda Markss virtual reception, I have decided to try one myself!

  • Hi Alyson, Just wanted you to know that after being inspired by Brenda’s example, I am currently hosting my own virtual reception for my art-to-wear hats. Thanks for circulating this great idea!