More artist blogs to love

More favorite artist blogs–some I forgot about in my previous post (shame on me) and some that are new to me. Enjoy!

Little People by Slinkachu
Little people in big situations. Just plain fun. (thanks, Kirsty for this link)

Kirsty Hall’s The Diary Project
Kirsty Hall’s Up All Night Again
You could seriously get lost in Kirsty’s blogs!

Carol Gillot’s Paris Breakfasts
Lovely watercolors that evoke all the senses associated with Paris. Warning: Don’t visit when you’re hungry.

Laura Tyler
Painter and beekeeper, Laura has an eye for variety and writes smart content.

By the way, if you haven’t read the comments that go along with my previous post on artist blogs to love, do so. A number of people left their votes for favorite blogs and it’s fun to see the variety.

I know I’ll be back with more!

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