Seduction at an art factory

Want a peek inside a really big art factory in China? No, this isn’t formulaic painting. It’s real art. But it’s being created on a mass scale by Zhang Huan. And the size of the factory-studio alone is enough to seduce you.

See and hear The New York Times slide show.

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3 comments to Seduction at an art factory

  • Anne Leuck Feldhaus

    Wow…perspective. I’ve nervously just hired my first part-time employee and am dreaming of renting a space outside my home studio…the size and scope of what he has done is unbelievable and at 32. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Anne: Congratulations on your new employee. He’s lucky to be working with you. And I’m glad you enjoyed the NYT link. They do some amazing slide shows that I would just hate to miss.

  • Dianne Hilton

    Wow, great to see somemore of what he is capable of. I worked with him in My Australia II at the National Gallery of Australia and found him to be calm and clear in his manner towards the work and the performers.