Would you sell art to a kid?

Check out this Wall Street Journal article about kids collecting art. (Don’t miss the video!)

These are kids whose families are, of course, very well off, but the same appreciation for art could be instilled by any parent. And, as you see, there are tax benefits involved.

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3 comments to Would you sell art to a kid?

  • This is wonderful! I remember loving art as a kid so it was fun reading about the precocious kid collectors in this story. And it’s no big surprise that one young collector’s favorite painting is an image the artist describes as “a father figure.” It souds like the kids in this article totally get it. Wishing them a bright future of happy collecting.

  • It’s great to see kids taking an interest in art instead of the latest techno gadget. I do have a problem with them purchasing via their parent’s check book artwork for thousands of dollars. It breds a whole generation of people who feel “entitled” without having to work for something. They could resell the work and give the proceeds to a worthy cause of their choice….or earn the $$$ and buy what THEY (not their parents) can afford.