Get your art online without spending a fortune

This is a courtesy reminder that the Web Site Basics teleseminar with Patricia J. Velte will be tomorrow, November 29 at 6 p.m. Mountain Time.

If you don’t have your own Web site yet, or if you are starting over, this is something to look into.

The cost for the teleseminar, detailed (10 pages) handouts, and MP3 recording is just $9.95 if you order before the call. If you can’t call in and only want the recording and handouts, you’ll save by ordering before the call. After the call, the price of the recording and handouts is $14.95. Sign up now.

I just sent the above email to 6000 people with the message below and failed to post a direct link for them to use to sign up. Duh.

Lesson #1: Don’t do as I did. Make it easy for patrons to buy your art.

Lesson #2: Rushed emails are rarely error-free.

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