Podcast: Post and email your news release

Listen in on this week’s podcast—an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

Where and how to post and email your press releases.


Listen to last week’s podcast for part 1: Write a news release (and then another)

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2 comments to Podcast: Post and email your news release

  • Margret Short

    Hello Alsyon, With a smile on my face, I read this week’s advice you gave on writing a press release. Because I have been out of the loop for a while, due to a couple of relocations that did not include my fully stocked art studio space, my productivity has dwindled along with my enthusiasm to paint. Your article was so timely because just that very morning I was struggling to write a press release. Several months have gone by since your expert counsel and my writing skills were pretty rusty. Thanks so much for the refresher course. Because of you, not only did I get my press release finished in time, I have started blogging again. I have managed to paint some new pieces (using the historical pigments from my last project) in a small corner of our little apartment which will be presented as an exhibit at Lawrence Gallery in December. Thanks so much for the boost I sorely needed. Margret Short

  • Margret, it’s good to have you back. And I hope your enthusiasm for painting returns soon. Sometimes, you just have to make yourself do it, n’est-ce pas?