Podcast: Negotiate terms with an art gallery

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What if your gallery wants you to help pay for the opening reception?


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1 comment to Podcast: Negotiate terms with an art gallery

  • Dear Alyson, I would like to comment on your article about negotiating terms with a gallery. You state that “You’re in Control”–but I would say that is true only if you TAKE control. And you may not be rewarded(in the short term) for doing so.Unfortunately, I don’t think that you can give your work over to someone to handle without having everything spelled out in writing, and then you have to follow up to see that your agreement is being adhered to. Also, there are so many artists competing with you………..many of whom are willing to take a chance, or don’t protect themselves, that when you DO set boundaries with a gallery, it may be likely that they will drop your work for that reason. I think that is the reality & I think as artists, we have to be prepared for that.So it is important that you are clear about your goals & direction, and willing to put the time & effort in to find a dealer that is trustworthy and a champion of your work. Christine http:/passionforpainting.blogspot.com