Unofficial survey: Obstacles to art career success

Here are two big questions for you. The answers will also benefit me and the services I provide at

What is the biggest obstacle you face in promoting your art?
(examples: time to make art, time for the business stuff, lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, space, negative people, . . . )

What change could you make in 2008 that would have the biggest positive impact on your art career?

Leave your answers by clicking on "Comments." I can’t wait to read them!

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52 comments to Unofficial survey: Obstacles to art career success

  • My biggest obstacle is life’s many bumps. I think of myself as very flexible, however when I am on a roll, life throws out something that is a bit overwhelming and I come to a halt with my creativity. I have difficulty finding the balance. Whatever I do, I do with a passion. So if it is helping a sick child I do that with all of my energy. So my change this year, is to stay on track, even if I do slow down at times. To acknowledge that I am human is important. I know from the responses in the marketplace, that I am where I need to be. I was given a gift and I need to share it, otherwise my heart hurts.

  • Allison J Smith

    My biggest obstacle is two-fold: money and time. I need MONEY to create paintings and promote my paintings, so I have a full time day job. This cuts dramatically into my TIME that I want to use to create paintings and promote paintings. I don’t know how to quit my day job and still eat and pay rent. In 2008 I will start exercising regularly to give myself more energy and higher spirits.