Podcast: Put your art first

Art Marketing Action Podcast(No more microphone photo with the podcasts. My weekly audio just got its own album art!)

Listen in on this week’s podcast—an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

Whatever marketing ideas I give you . . . however full your plate is . . . you can’t neglect your art. Your art must always come first.


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2 comments to Podcast: Put your art first

  • Alyson, it is so true! I find it amazing sometimes just how much time I can sit at the computer working on marketing my art only to realize that I didn’t get time to DO any art that day! Well, NO MORE! I made a New Year’s resolution this year to do some Art Every Day. It could be working on an ongoing painting or just a silly little sketch, but I must do SOMETHING directly related to the making of art! So far it has worked out very nicely. I have seen benefits that I didn’t foresee, like simply being happy more of the time. (Drawing makes me happy; simple!) I wrote about it in my blog today,… I gave you credit for reminding me of it today. I almost let the day get away from me, then when I was catching up on my Art-Net-Surfing, I came across your podcast! Thank you!

  • Jeanne: That sounds like a terrific resolution. I know you’ll make it work for you.