What is the universe saying to you?

Meet TUT (totally unique thoughts). TUT.com, from Mike Dooley, sends daily "Notes from the Universe" that might just be the best thing to hit my inbox since . . . well, since forever.

A recent note from the Universe to me said this:

Ever notice, Alyson, that how you treat people in your life today is the single, biggest factor in determining how people in your life tomorrow, even totally different people, will treat you?
It always works,
    The Universe

Talk about manipulation, Alyson… and it’s perfectly legal.

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
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I love this stuff! It makes me smile every morning.

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8 comments to What is the universe saying to you?

  • EXCELLENT! Love this stuff too. Its so true…I’ve seen it happen to someone right before my eyes. Thank you for the quick wit! We all need to be reminded.

  • be aware that there is a strain of Scientology here…the oath thing & the goal thing…be careful…the new style is to preach without the label so people don’t know…no judgment btw, just a headsup…

  • I really want to read this book now. It could be filled with wisdom. This I ascertain from your review. Thanks.

  • I’ve been getting Notes for about a year. I don’t know what I filled out where, but somehow my dream 65 red corvette got filled into a blank and every now and then I get a note asking how that’s coming – it’s so personal it always pulls me up and makes me stop for a minute. And, of course, smile. I love finding the notes in my in box!

  • I love getting these little reminders every morning. They are the first thing I read. Gives me something to think about during the day. I do miss them on weekends – I guess everyone has to take a break now and then!

  • Interesting! I get “Quote of the Day” from Brian Tracy with some personal some professional sources. Makes for good food for thought!

  • I completely agree, I’ve been a subscriber for a while and have saved all my notes. they always make me smile and be uplifted.

  • Thanks so much for letting us know about this, Alyson. Got my first message this morning and it was an inspiring way to start my day!