Bonus Deep Thought

Why do you think only women have signed up to host me on my book blog tour???

Not making any judgments, just curious.

UPDATE: Just as I was posting this, a submission came from a kind gentleman. So, I’m having crow for breakfast. And, the blog tour has filled up! More on that in the future.

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10 comments to Bonus Deep Thought

  • Good question! I don’t have an answer either, but if I had more traffic on my blog, I’d do it.

  • When I first started showing with my husband Joseph, we found that men bought his work & women bought my work…

  • No answers but interesting question. Do you see an equal number of men and women in your workshops? When I look through my blog reader the blogs by men I read are numbered very few. And not one of my daily reads (about 15 blogs – this being one of them) is by a guy. I don’t think they talk about their cats enough. 🙂

  • If you read some of the latest information about men and women’s brains, well, I think it might be that women have a larger more active area of brain devoted to relationships/connectivity: men have more devoted to, guess what… (if you were offering to visit in person, I bet it would be different!)

  • and it looks like, so far, only women are trying to answer your question! fascinating! If you figure this out, please share. Once I would have sworn that only women buy my work…but experience has taught me much differently – it’s almost 50-50! Surprised me. But the reason, they say, for the glass ceiling is that like attracts like…could that *still* be operative in the 21st century?

  • Gam

    Maybe they don’t have blogs?

  • I was interested in doing this, Alyson. My blog has decent readership, and recently spiking considerably. I did get confused about the arrangement. I wanted to preview the book, but one reward was to get the book for free. As my readers know, I am convalescing from an operation, so consequently I am foggier than normal. I am at a time when my content is hard to come by since I am in bed half of the day! Maybe I’d better jump at the chance at getting a great interview from you!

  • Now I see the update! I told you I was one step behind. Good luck with the tour and as soon as I can see straight, I am eager to get your book.

  • Hi Alyson, Here’s a male response for you. I’d love to have you over here in Ireland but I’m not sure if you’r planning a European tour. By the way you’re an inspiration on the web. The way you give give such great advice for free and teaching us artists what we need to know. Your book ‘I’d rather be in the studio!’ is excellent. It’ll be well used as I build my art career. Thanks for everything. *Ed P

  • Male here who has signed up for the tour. Though I just did it yesterday. Looking forward to it.