Give yourself credit by titling your images differently

Artist Brian Kliewer has a great post about saving your image files with your name in the titles.

I mention titling your images on page 20 of I’d Rather Be in the Studio!, but I hadn’t considered adding the artist’s name to the title of the JPG. Brian shows you how to do that in his post.

Image (c) Brian Kliewer

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4 comments to Give yourself credit by titling your images differently

  • oooh, good tip! I already save all of mine with the painting title but can easily add my name to them all in batches using Applescript, a tip for anyone on Mac. Thanks for passing that on!

  • Google does use the names of files as part of its algorithm for placing you in search results. Names of files (images, style sheets, webpages) that are more descriptive should get rated better. Don’t forget to use a tool like Adobe Bridge to append metadata information (title, copyright info, contact info) to the files as well.

  • Daniel: Wow. I’ve never heard of Adobe Bridge. Can I see it at work in your images?

  • Thanks for the mention, Alyson. The book is great, by the way. I heartily recommend it to anyone who hasn’t purchased it yet.