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Just finished watching Helvetica. Have you seen this film? Whoever thought of making a feature documentary about a font? And who knew the ubiquitousness of this font in our lives–something we just take for granted. This is a font that evokes a lot of sentimentality ("classic modernism!") on one side and disdain ("boring") on the other side. Regardless, it’s always fun to listen to designers talk about designing.

New to my bookshelf:

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  • Hi Alyson, I just finished reading Close Reading and did a post about it on my blog. I was very impressed with not only the information about Close, but also the other artists portrayed and the writing about their work. There was a great show of Close’s prints here at the Portland Art Museum, Oregon, recently and I became quite intrigued by the artist and the man. I liked him more than I expected. He’s like all of us in some respect, putting in his time in the studio, fairly humble about it.His perseverance is definitely worthy of respect.

  • Hurray for you on the purple bracelet commitment. It’s an eye opening experience.

  • I loved the movie Helvetica! The insight into the world of font design and the graphic designers who understand the power of the written word (visually) was fascinating.

  • I watched this film, then watched it again and then again etc. I too love when designers talk about designing!

  • I’ve got “Helvetica” in my Netflix queue; now I’m going to move it up! I had an amazing Typography professor at the School of Visual Arts who was more passionate about type than you can imagine…he was able to convey this love of type to us. But I was in the “boring!” camp when it came to Helvetica…