Artist Breakthroughs

The first session of the Artist Breakthrough Program just ended. We were so sad to have our last call! But ecstatic over our successes.

Even I made a breakthrough. My breakthrough goal was to check in with myself every morning and every evening–5 days a week. That meant going over my task list and prioritizing what I had to do each day. I did it! And with all of the crazy stuff going on, like the blog tour and the studio tour, my breakthrough goal kept me sane.

The 12 artists in the first ABP group had breakthrough goals ranging from committing to studio time to creating marketing plans to developing new marketing materials. And I’m thrilled to say that everyone had at least one breakthrough.


Image (c) Lynne Oakes, Skyscape #1

On the day after our last call, Lynne Oakes posted this to the program blog:

I was talking to Pete [another ABP member] this morning, trying to decide if I was having withdrawal symptoms from this amazing past 4 weeks, and we were discussing the ‘followup’ to it.  Out of that came a joint analogy we developed…

It’s like learning to swim, this program of Alyson’s. We got out there where our feet no longer touched the bottom, but we had waterwings to support our learning efforts. Then off come the waterwings because we are doing so much better now with such a wonderful “swimming” coach.  And we can also see the other swimmers at their task of learning and all that made us more confident to try it without the ‘wings’.

Now, Pete says, we will be like Lifeguards for each other.

I love it that many of the members will continue to support each other.

If you’re interested in making a breakthrough in your art career, consider joining the next session, which begins Monday, April 14. Get the details and apply.

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