Claudine Hellmuth Wants to Know . . .

It’s another stop on the Blog Tour.

On her blog today, Claudine Hellmuth asks me about the pros and cons of sending “pretty” (my word) email newsletters vs. plain text ones using Yahoo Groups. I had a lot of questions for her, so we kind of had a dialogue about the philosophy behind and usability of email newsletters.

Read all about it in today’s blog tour stop for I’d Rather Be in the Studio!

Don’t forget, we’re giving away free copies of the book on the blog tour stops. Email newsletters have an entire chapter (Action 8) devoted to them in the book.

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1 comment to Claudine Hellmuth Wants to Know . . .

  • AnnaMaria Windisch Hunt

    Well I was amazed that the two persons I admire converged. I just received my book “I’d Rather be in the Studio” Regarding the advise to Claudine. I discovered her via a friend who was also in Italy for a painting workshop and suggested I look up Claudine, as I also teach collage. I signed up for the yahoo group, have never posted anything. I’ll visit sporadically and find announcements sent out by Claudine sufficient. Claudine”s blog is to personal so I scan quickly. While Alyson”s, I tend to catch with reading while minding my gallery. Yes I would like to host one for the gallery in Coconut Grove Fl. and have workshop with Claudine at the NEW Taleo Art Center in Woodstock N.Y. in the summer months. Who has time for Studio? Thank you both for inspiration. AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt Windisch-Hunt Fine Art ps the lament I hear when I need assistance from my artist friends. Possible you can address this . “You’re the one who sells the art I can’t sell”.