Make an artist one sheet

Artist One Sheet
My client, Ellen Soffer, recently attended an event where she was going to meet a lot of people. What to give them, she wondered?

I encouraged her to do a “one sheet.” I’m don’t believe I’ve heard this term used when discussing the components of artist marketing materials, but “one sheets” are used often by speakers, authors, and other professionals. They consist of a single piece of paper (on one side) that encourages people to purchase your book or services. It reveals your credentials and other details the reader might want to know. My one sheet for I’d Rather Be in the Studio! is at the top of my online media room. When artists tell me they want to share the book with their local retailer or with other artists, I direct them to the one sheet. It has all the info needed.

You might consider creating a one sheet instead of a brochure. Ellen’s one sheet has a representative image of her paintings, her contact information, education, highlights from her résumé, and her artist statement. It looks better than most self-produced brochures because the formatting is spot on. It looks professional.

Click on the image to see it full size and think about how you might be able to use a one sheet in your promotions. (Design by Patricia J. Velte)

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8 comments to Make an artist one sheet

  • It looks a lot like a brief resume with an artist statement as well as an image of the artist’s work. A nice way to provide enough information without giving too much that you lose the reader’s interest. Nice.

  • Thanks for the reminder about the one sheet! I have some in my file cabinet and will take them to my class tonight. Oh, to clear out my files. Joy!

  • Great. Thanks for sharing this simple idea. By the way… I just received your book, “I’d Rather Be in the Studio!” and loving it. Recently I began implementing much of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” approach to organization. The ideas from these two books look to be fantastic compliments to each other.

  • Monique Morales

    What a fabulous idea! I had a “why didn’t I think of that” moment when I read this. So simple but very memoriable. Thanks!

  • Terrific idea, Alyson – and just what I’m looking for right now.

  • Casey Klahn

    I blogged about this today. I made my One Sheet yesterday after reading your post, but could have used it in the morning to attach to an e-mail to a patron! Instead, I had to insert a gratuitous self-plug. It would’ve been easier to just attach the OS.

  • Fantastic – just what I could use right now, too! Thanks!

  • Amazing Alyson,
    Super! Thank You for this valuable post.
    I have made these in the past, but will now make
    a new one with different formatting.
    Have a magnificent day!
    Christine Marsh