Podcast: Use caution when adding people to your mailing list

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When is it okay to mail stuff to people?

When is it okay to email to people?

Some thoughts on these questions in this week’s podcast.


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3 comments to Podcast: Use caution when adding people to your mailing list

  • I regularly receive newsletters from artists just setting up a list or project who don’t even offer a simple unsubscribe link (they go straight in the spam folder which does nobody’s mailing list any favors – you’ll soon end up by being blacklisted by AOL, Yahoo etc). Even if you are testing the waters with a client/friend/colleague (which I don’t advise – double opt in is the only way to go ) make sure a recipient can unsubscribe with one click – nobody wants to write to someone to ask to be taken off a list however well meaning the sender.

  • Hello Alyson, I am currently loving your new book: I’d Rather Be in the Studio! I subscribe to your blogs, etc. with ferver! Your energy is helping so much! I am trying to follow the CanSpam Law. I have an opt out of the subscription, but to date no one has opted out which makes me so happy. I have almost 100 subscribers and the list is growing almost daily!! Thanks for all you do! Donna Pierce-Clark

  • Man, I wish I had listened to this podcast BEFORE I sent out an e-mail last week about a one-night show I participated in Friday night. (I didn’t hear the podcast ’till Saturday.) My apologies for inviting you to an event “1000 miles away” (I don’t think TN is _that_ far from Colorado, but still.) I cringed when I heard that part. Ouch! Just shows that I still have much to learn. Anyway, good advice. Thanks!